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Benefits of Solar Energy

It is clean. When active, solar power releases no harmful substances or noise into the atmosphere. For each megawatt hour of electricity, solar energy produces about 0.75 to one tonne of CO2.

It is free. Once the mechanism for generating solar power is installed, heating or electricity from the solar system is totally free. This will help you reduce your bills and at the same time lower your carbon footprint.

It works everywhere. Although solar panels’ efficiency increases proportionally to the amount of sunshine they receive, they can work everywhere, even when it is cloudy. Moreover, adding a solar batteru storage system to your solar system can enable you to enjoy free energy anytime, even at night and on other low-functioning days.

No need to apply for a permit. Due to the fact that solar panels are considered "permitted development", you don't need to obtain a permit before installing them on the roof of your household.

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