BOSCH Solar Water Heater 300L

BOSCH Solar Water Heater 300L

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Efficient, Elegant, and environmental friendly, Bosch solar heater provides the highest energy absorption with an all-weather resistant frame and extended product life.

Thermosiphon solar systems are completely passive and without pumps and controllers in the solar circle. The systems rely on buoyancy effects to circulate heat from the collectors to a storage tank. Sunlight heats the water within the collector, which then rises up due to buoyancy into the insulated storage tank above. The cold water from the bottom of the tank enters the collector to repeat the process.

  • Higher temperature output
  • Weather resistant frame
  • Easy to install
  • SS / Enameled inner tank
  • Extended product life
  • 3E ( Efficient, Elegant, and environment friendly)
  • Works in the pressurized system

Using ThermoSiphon technology, the water in the tank circulates through the collectors and heats up.