SOLAR WATER HEATER , 1 Tank CLD1-1000 (1x3,2m²) , 6 collectors M4-260

SOLAR WATER HEATER , 1 Tank CLD1-1000 (1x3,2m²) , 6 collectors M4-260

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The provision of exceptional performance and thereby enhanced financial savings. This solar water heater uses the latest technology and raw materials of the highest quality, using only the state-of-the-art production capabilities of its new factory. The glass and aluminum base is compressed so as to form a sturdy totality with a prism-like façade.

The anodized double-walled aluminum profile epitomizes our innovation in offering increased durability and enhanced insulation. Easy installation, superior aesthetics, and incomparable durability. Solar Keymark certified as a whole system.

  • 1 tank CLD1-1000 (1x3,2m²)
  • 6 collectors M4-260
  • 1 Solar Station FlowSol XL with controller Deltasol BX plus with inverter high-efficiency pump.
  • 1 Safety unit 3/4Μ 6bar
  • 1 Solar expansion vessel 80lt
  • 4 Ant freezing and anticorrosive liquid Fluid (10 lt)
  • 3 Full connection & valve kit RKBL/3
  • 3 Flat roof support B 30/45 Alu (M4-200-260)
  • 6 Flat roof supports Array module 30/45 Alu (M4-200-260)
  • Stainless steel heating element 3-phase 9KW (with thermostat)