SolarWorld FAQs

As a first step, our certified Solar Engineers will conduct a survey at your property to best advise on the type and size of the system to be installed. This step will provide you with all the necessary initial design details, validating the feasibility of your project.

Depending on the energy demand, our team of experts will analyze and determine the best product or system to be utilized for your project, as commercial and residential energy consumption differ. Various factors come into play when determining the best system; such as, monthly bill and electricity load analysis amongst others.

This is largely subject to the area available for panels installation, but also depends on the transformer capacity available and connected as per SEC regulation.

Yes, a permit from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is mandatory. Our permitting experts will assist you in completing the needed e-application, ensuring that you submit a fully compliant application.

This depends very much on the system size and roof conditions. As a rule of thumb, smaller systems below 50kW are usually connected and handed over within a period of two weeks.

Our team are experienced with Home & Commercial installations of different scales. We will plan with you before starting your installation and customize the works, to ensure minimum downtime and disruption to your daily routines. The scope of the required installation work will be provided as part of our initial study. Our team are well trained in executing projects with minimum disruption.

All of our products are supported with factory warrantees, we offer a one-year guarantee for all installation works carried out by our team.

Our installations are very reliable, safe, and very easy to clean. As part of the handover process, we train our customers on all necessary panels cleaning procedures, to maximize performance. Furthermore, we offer 24/7 field service support, should you encounter a technical problem, all you need to do is call our customer care center and our field service team will happily schedule a visit to your site to carryout necessary repairs.

Solar power systems have been used and tested around the world for many decades. They are designed to operate for 25 years on average, they maintain high production efficiency over their service life, with only 0.5% degradation per year.