Given its geographical location, Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest solar irradiation index. Its abundant hours of sunshine and modern grid infrastructure position the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the perfect place for harnessing the benefits of solar energy generation.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 mandates, several programs have been introduced to accelerate the development of a renewable energy mix in the Kingdom. In July 2020, the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority ECRA set the framework for small scale solar energy installations, ranging from 1kW to 2MW. The feed-in tariff for power exported back into the grid currently stands at 7 Halala per watt for residential and 5 Halala per watt for commercial applications.

Both home and business owners can now benefit from lower electricity prices that are achievable with solar energy. On average, producing energy with solar panels costs less when compared to other energy sources, with an estimated rate of 18 Halala per Watt excl. VAT.

Find out how much you can save for your home or business, with ECRA´s calculator tool: